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clusters and constellations of data

like city lights receding

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Name:yuppie mephistopheles

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Journal is partly locked; comment to be added! Fannish stuff will probably be unlocked, so feel free to subscribe/unsubscribe. I mostly just talk TV.
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a little more sonic, boys wearing suspenders, bullshit detection, cool sunglasses, cyberpunk, dear resident, dirges in the dark, fake news, frell, gotham's white knight, hot cops, internet jargon, jason fucking dohring, jim as dwight, journalistic integrity, laser tag, master politicians, metro news 1, mosbius designs, most things sorkin, movies about tobacco lobbyists, my financial advisor gorlock, pierre escargot, pilgrim detectives, pinstripes and plimsolls, post-industrial dystopias, private detectives, psychotic jackasses, reminiscing, saving the universe, smug space cowboys, sports night on csc, the bluth company, the footage, the hot-crazy scale, the vast left-wing conspiracy, what up, william gibson
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