I am full of love for the television industry this week. And by 'television,' I mean sitcoms. I got bored with Kings and apparently it's cancelled anyway. I apparently only have the patience for half-hour blocks of funny these days.

The Office 4x22 )
30 Rock: Jackie Jormp-Jomp )
HIMYM: Mosbius Designs )

[livejournal.com profile] rashaka gave me topics for that '5 things I associate with you' meme:

1. Doctor Who
2. in-character Barney fic
3. Farscape (now!)
4. Barney/Robin
5. Arrested Development

If you want me to give you topics to ramble on about, just say so and I shall do my best!

answers )
Doctor Who Midseries Trailer

It's like they're writing this season to my narrative kinks )

In other news, one of the guys working at Starbucks just kind of asked me out. He is cute and he gave me a free drink. Good day.
First (and most important) things first: it is highly possible that Colbert is going to be on Conan tonight since Conan is taping earlier than usual and Colbert's taping is apparently pushed back a full two hours, so all of y'all following the epic feud might want to tune in.

Secondly, I have about a billion dollars in Amazon and bookstore certificates. Some of that is going to get tied up in the first season of Arrested Development since my DVD set went AWOL and I apparently go through withdrawl if every episode isn't at my disposal at all times. But still, I have a bunch of money to waste, and I'm desperately looking for author suggestions plz .

My main criteria is that the writing has to grab you; I have a problem with not finishing books if the prose/story is dull. That said, I'll read pretty much any genre. Seriously. I love Gibson (cyberpunk), Palahniuk (creepy weirdness), Tim O'Brien, Amitav Ghosh (weird historical fiction), young adult stuff, PKD and other standard sci-fi fare, and really anything not sucky. Please help me spend my money, guys.

And last, rumors of an Arrested Development movie have spun me into a frenzy of re-watching while I should be doing work. I also finally cracked open my Blades of Glory DVD yesterday, and I'd forgotten how much I love Will Arnett and Amy Poehler as the creepy incestuous pair team. Stranz and Fairchild Van Waldenburg ftw, and the interview with the two of them on the DVD extras is possibly funnier than everything else in the actual movie. My favorite celeb couple, hands down.


Dec. 8th, 2007 01:04 am
Okay, there's some random interview with Rayven Symone up at ONTD, and I love her answer to this:

Three films that mean a lot to me:
“The Matrix,” “The Matrix Reloaded,” and “The Matrix Revolutions,” all directed by Andy and Larry Wachowski

Rayven is a die-hard Matrix fan, guys. I bet she was in the fandom, which was tiny so.... seriously, if one of you Matrix people on my flist is actually a member of the 'Cheetah Girls' IRL, please 'fess up.
Gay Dumbledore!! and ONTD are making my life right now. I cannot WAIT for the inevitable Fox News blitz of psycho-crazy. I wonder what Anne Coulter will have to say about this...

Plus you know Stephen Colbert is going to be over this SO HARD because he loves HP and is the biggest nerd that ever did nerd. This week is going to be awesome and I wish I didn't have exams.
I just got free tickets to the Darjeeling Ltd. advanced screening next week, and can we say PSYCHED? I've been waiting and waiting. All I hope for is that this movie also has amazing costumes that I can emulate for Halloween because I've done two Wes Anderson movies in the past and they've been the best costumes of all time.

I finally watched Moonlight since I was away all weekend and oh. my. god. Hilariously tacky, but did I mention hilarious? I will watch it forever. It totally took me by surprise with its charming ridiculousness.
Apologies to all, because this is going to become The William Gibson Obsessee Blog for a bit. My copy of 'Spook Country' should be waiting for me at home when I get off work and I am very much looking forward to an evening of general apophenia and technophilia and lovely prose.

The reviews so far are pretty glowing. I need work to be over.
Okay, so I was having a Very Serious Discussion with my brother about this, and I'd like to get some other very scientific opinions here.

[Poll #1023101]
The end of an era. My favorite era

Scotty, I'll miss you and our special press-briefing moments, which are really just me watching clips of you on whitehouse.gov to giggle at your question-ignoring skillz and caked-on make-up.

Godspeed, my friend.
Happy Late-Birthday [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com]. For your enjoyment, some adorable google picspam )

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

I really enjoy that whenever I'm in the computer lab, someone is bound to be updating their LiveJournal. It really makes me wonder who might secretly be some crazy infamous online BNF in some obscure fandom that I encounter sporadically, without ever realizing that they're actually the kid sitting next to me in lecture. I mean, in my somewhat limited internet travels I'm encountering people from days of Matrix fandom past, so it stands to reason that I've probably crossed virtual paths with some of these kids in the comp labs who seem to be LJing 24 hours a day.

I have a ton of papers due, which means that I've actually been procrastinating on the internet. Lately I've been reading up on the new TV pilots at futon critic's DevWatch, and because I have no desire to do work on this lovely Friday afternoon, I decided to ramble about it for a bit. New TV ramblings... )


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