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Happy Late-Birthday [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com]. For your enjoyment, some adorable




And now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

I really enjoy that whenever I'm in the computer lab, someone is bound to be updating their LiveJournal. It really makes me wonder who might secretly be some crazy infamous online BNF in some obscure fandom that I encounter sporadically, without ever realizing that they're actually the kid sitting next to me in lecture. I mean, in my somewhat limited internet travels I'm encountering people from days of Matrix fandom past, so it stands to reason that I've probably crossed virtual paths with some of these kids in the comp labs who seem to be LJing 24 hours a day.

I have a ton of papers due, which means that I've actually been procrastinating on the internet. Lately I've been reading up on the new TV pilots at futon critic's DevWatch, and because I have no desire to do work on this lovely Friday afternoon, I decided to ramble about it for a bit.

Not that I have time to watch more than one television show regularly or anything, but there are a bunch of pilots that I'm really hoping get picked up, if only so I can watch the first two seasons on DVD after they are inevitably canceled as most good television is.

Number 1 on my list of "OMG So Exciting" is Studio 60. This show has the best chance at longevity, methinks. Aaron Sorkin is my god of screenwriting, and I think the cast is going to be fantastic. I'm not a huge Amanda Peet fan, but Brad Whitford, Matthew Perry, Sarah Paulson, and Nate Corddry(of adorableness-on-The-Daily-Show-fame) more than make up for that. Plus I get the feeling they're going to be able to do some Bush skits here and there in the context of the sketch show, so hooray for that.

Number 2 is probably Heroes, which is basically about a bunch of people all across the world that wake up with superpowers.Now, how good this show is will totally depend on the writing, and it is most definitely an X-Men rip-off, but I feel like it has a lot of potential. What can I say, I'm a sucker for ensemble casts. I hope they go the X-Men Movies route and turn the whole thing into a message about discrimination.

Some other intriging ones:

The 60 Minute Man, about a guy who starts losing an hour of each of his days which looks like it turns into a whole government mind control/Lost type conspiracy.Unfortunately most conspiracy shows don't stand the test of time because the writers end up adding a million new twists and other things get completely dropped and the story just becomes a gigantic unsolvable mess.

DayBreak: Which is basically "Groundhog Day" but with murder and intrigue instead of getting it on with Andie McDowell. Plus Taye Diggs, which is the real reason I want the show on television. He is a beautiful man.

Help Me Help You: A comedy about group therapy/crazy self-help sessions with Ted Danson and Jane Kaczemarek. I feel like the writing would have to be awful for this to not be funny.

A House Divided: Farmers in the Midwest are possibly going to start the next American Civil War over tax evasion. Featuring cool history professors and TWW's Andi Wyatt as the First Lady, omg.

Okay, time to work again.

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