Doctor Who Midseries Trailer

It's like they're writing this season to my narrative kinks )

In other news, one of the guys working at Starbucks just kind of asked me out. He is cute and he gave me a free drink. Good day.
First (and most important) things first: it is highly possible that Colbert is going to be on Conan tonight since Conan is taping earlier than usual and Colbert's taping is apparently pushed back a full two hours, so all of y'all following the epic feud might want to tune in.

Secondly, I have about a billion dollars in Amazon and bookstore certificates. Some of that is going to get tied up in the first season of Arrested Development since my DVD set went AWOL and I apparently go through withdrawl if every episode isn't at my disposal at all times. But still, I have a bunch of money to waste, and I'm desperately looking for author suggestions plz .

My main criteria is that the writing has to grab you; I have a problem with not finishing books if the prose/story is dull. That said, I'll read pretty much any genre. Seriously. I love Gibson (cyberpunk), Palahniuk (creepy weirdness), Tim O'Brien, Amitav Ghosh (weird historical fiction), young adult stuff, PKD and other standard sci-fi fare, and really anything not sucky. Please help me spend my money, guys.

And last, rumors of an Arrested Development movie have spun me into a frenzy of re-watching while I should be doing work. I also finally cracked open my Blades of Glory DVD yesterday, and I'd forgotten how much I love Will Arnett and Amy Poehler as the creepy incestuous pair team. Stranz and Fairchild Van Waldenburg ftw, and the interview with the two of them on the DVD extras is possibly funnier than everything else in the actual movie. My favorite celeb couple, hands down.
Apologies to all, because this is going to become The William Gibson Obsessee Blog for a bit. My copy of 'Spook Country' should be waiting for me at home when I get off work and I am very much looking forward to an evening of general apophenia and technophilia and lovely prose.

The reviews so far are pretty glowing. I need work to be over.


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