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I am full of love for the television industry this week. And by 'television,' I mean sitcoms. I got bored with Kings and apparently it's cancelled anyway. I apparently only have the patience for half-hour blocks of funny these days.

Okay, so. I haven't posted about 'The Office' in months, because even though I've been distantly enjoying it, it hasn't been on that heart-busting, joygasm level that I felt for season 2 and season 3. BUT THEN ALONG CAME THE MICHAEL SCOTT PAPER COMPANY.

This was seriously a genius way to switch up the format of the show. I haven't felt this warm towards Michael in forever, and I am rooting for him so hard. Plus, it is the funnest office environment ever. The cheese puff sequence was fucking amazing, and Pam and Ryan are pretty much the best coworkers ever.

Also, <3 ANDY <3. I think it's a huge testament to the writers and to Ed Helms that they could introduce a character to the show so late in the game and he could steal my heart so completely. You'll find someone to love, Andy Bernard, just you wait!


30 Rock

I really loved this one!

"Rayven Symone knows what she did." And so worth it for sliming fake-Helen Mirren. Also, Liz Lemon continues to be amazing at everything in life, even when sort-of-unemployed and harrassing doormen in her sweatpants. Though honestly, I would've thought Lemon would have been into a 'Fight Club.' She has a lot of rage.



I'll keep this short since I've already bounced about this episode all over my friendslist, but this is probably my favorite episode of the season. I loved this one way more than 'The Front Porch,' probably because it was so harmonious and friendshippy. Marshall and Barney are pure magic together, and I loved the Ted and Robin friendship, too. Plus, you know, that whole part where Lily and Marshall ship Barney/Robin (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

So much good pretentious Ted in this episode: wisdom walks! He saw a shooting star! Robin is my favorite person to make fun of douche-Ted; she truly excels at it.

So wonderful and funny. A+++++ to this one.


[livejournal.com profile] rashaka gave me topics for that '5 things I associate with you' meme:

1. Doctor Who
2. in-character Barney fic
3. Farscape (now!)
4. Barney/Robin
5. Arrested Development

If you want me to give you topics to ramble on about, just say so and I shall do my best!

Doctor Who
For me, Doctor Who is like that crazy, crotchety uncle that's always been hovering on the outskirts of you life, popping in and out and occasionally having these huge bouts of awesomeness. It's weird to think about, but my parents were totally on the outskirts of Who-fandom in the 70's (my dad had a douchey Tom Baker scarf and everything), so I grew up watching it. It's always been around, in the background of my life.

But it wasn't until New Who that I really fell in love, because Old Who just doesn't have that deep affection and hopefulness that New Who has running through every thread of it. I need that in a show: deep, believable friendships and people who delight in each other. And New Who is really, really good at that, balancing joy with the obligatory heartache. Hopefully that model will continue with the new Doctor and the new showrunners. Here's hoping!

in-character Barney fic

lol, thanks? Barney is such a great character, because he could so easily become a ridiculous caricature, but they did such a good job building this believable psychology for him that him trying to pick up girls dressed as an old man still feels genuine. I've been friends with a few almost-Barneys, and I think they pretty much nailed the personality type. Hyper-insecure, unwilling to change their lives, and terrified of getting hurt, with this intense, pathological need for people to look up to them (worship them, even).


Farscape is just amazing. If you haven't watched it.... SERIOUSLY, WATCH IT. Yes, okay, it has muppets and a lot of what happens in the show is like thinly-veiled BDSM/fetish stuff, but the writing is unbelievably wonderful. The characterization is rich and true, the friendships feel incredibly genuine, and the romance is perfection. And it never fails to crack me up. John Crichton is probably my favorite television protagonist, ever, in the history of the Universe. It fills my heart with joy.


This ride has already been wonderful, and I have zero doubts that it will continue to be epicly amazing. I started watching HIMYM at 'The Limo" (which is, to this day, still my absolute favorite episode), which contains my favorite Barney and Robin interaction ever: when she makes Ted sing Bon Jovi with her to cheer Barney up. And yes, that's more a Robin/Ted thing since she's trying to re-psych everyone for his magical New Year's evening, but it's still such a sweet friendship moment. (Also, how great is it when she's like "is this all because you lost your 'get psyched mix?' HAHAHA ILU ROBIN).

That moment was when I fell in love with the show. (And then Marshall came running out of the smoke and kissed Lily AND gave Barney back the CD and I was pretty much SOLD FOR LIFE).

Arrested Development

Let's just say "The Final Countdown" has been my ringtone ever since Tobias accidentally took a picture of himself in the bathtub, and I have never been tempted to change it. I loved this show so much that it is sometimes physically painful, especially when people ask "who's your favorite character" and I go round and round for an hour: "Gob, no... Buster.. no... Lucille.. no... Buster... no... Gob..no... Lucille....Oscar?" It is a testament to the quality of the writing that even after like a trillion rewatches, I am still catching jokes that I missed before. ILU AD.
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